Uponor Counter Day – Thursday, May 9th


Please join us on Thursday, May 9 for a special counter day featuring Uponor’s AquaPEX® tubing and ProPEX® fittings. Together, these lines make up Uponor’s expansion-style system which is available in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 3” and boasts a 25-year warranty when installed by a trained professional. The system uses a specialized tool which expands both the PEX tubing and a reinforced ring in order to accept a ProPEX® fitting barb. As the tubing and ring shrink down to their original sizes, they exert a strong, reliable force on the fitting to hold its place. Uponor’s system is easy to install and provides a superior plumbing system for residential and commercial projects.

Jason Abernathy of RepSouth will be available at our counter on May 9 to provide demonstrations and information related to Uponor’s PEX line. Additionally, Mutt’s BBQ will provide food and beverages. Our counter days are always a good time, and we hope to see you there!